Scientific Report
To certify the qualities of LA CAMA AZUL  products, a study was commissioned from the University of Alcalá de Henares (MADRID). The purpose of this report was to study the electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic characteristics of the mattress, the mattress protector, the cover and the pillow that make up LA CAMA AZUL range. Three types of measurements were carried out to analyze the bed:
• Measurement of the electrostatic field.
• 50 Hz ELF and static magnetic field measurement.
• Radio frequency measurement.
The study showed considerable reductions in the values ​​for the electrostatic and the 50 Hz magnetic fields because of the properties of the components of LA CAMA AZUL . The electrostatic field was greatly reduced. Likewise, all the components of LA CAMA AZUL considerably brought down the values ​​obtained for radio frequency radiation, both from the signal from external antennas and from the signals produced by a mobile phone located 1.5m from the bed.
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