Natural latex

Natural latex is obtained from the sap extracted from rubber trees. It is the white or yellowish juice that circulates in the vessels of the tree

It has a number of distinct properties, including:

  • Great elasticity and firmness, which makes it very adaptable, the combination of these two qualities meaning that a natural latex matress provides firm but flexible support, allowing the body to sink gently into it and providing the back with a level of contact and support that allows it to extend and avoiding the creation of pressure points or depressions damaging to posture during sleep. 
  • Natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, given that it is not a medium in which these organisms can develop.
  • Breathability: natural latex favours good breathability, and needs to be in the right condition as well, which means two important factors need to be borne in mind:
  • On the one hand, the cover that surrounds it must be 100% cotton, both its fabric and its padding, since any synthetic fiber on a natural material drowns its breathability, making us sweat in summer and feel cold in winter, this being what happens with synthetic latex and with the synthetic covers and padding that are usually put on mattresses
  • It can be supported on any type of base: rigid, laminated or upholstered, the laminated base being the most recommended
  • Durability: natural latex has great longevity, between 17 and 20 years if kept well ventilated and is not in direct contact with the sun. From this time on it begins to disintegrate, gradually releasing a powder that decreases its density.
  • Non-deformable: Its high density 75-80kg m3 ensures that it does not go out of shape.
  • Biodegradable.