Organic merino wool 

Organic wool comes from sheep that are raised according to special regulations. Like any product seeking an organic label, the production of organic wool must follow strict rules for a number of years with very exhaustive controls, and the sheep that produce organic wool also have to conform to various requirements, in order that the wool obtained from them can have this precious label of excellent quality and sustainability.
Sheep must be able to be outdoors during the day: it is not acceptable for animals to be confined in pens all day. They must be kept in semi-freedom so they can walk, exercise and feel less stressed. The animals must be treated with maximum respect since their physical state is going to affect the quality of the wool.
Care for the sheep is very important point in obtaining organic wool and their feeding is also part of this care. On the one hand, the animals must be able to graze calmly in the field, but on the other hand, feed that is given to the sheep must also come from organic agriculture.
Finally, another requirement for wool to have an organic label is the total prohibition under the rules of the use of chemicals, either in feedstuffs or in the dyeing and processing of the wool, both of which must be avoided at all times.
Shearing is done in a traditional way, one by one, without the animal suffering any kind of harm.