La Cama Azul was founded in 2007 based on the ecological values of its founder, Juan Jimenez Martos. After graduating in Marketing from ESIC Business & Marketing School, he worked for 12 years in German and American multi-nationals in sales and marketing. Then he joined the team for 6 months of a well known company dedicated to sleep comfort, after which he decided to create his own business.

Combining the concepts of rest and ecology, he designed a product whose main objective was to avoid the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields.

Since its founding, La Cama Azul has positioned itself in the EcoHealth market, achieving high market penetration in Spain in geographic areas such as Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque Country. From 2011, the company began its international expansion focusing on Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, markets where consumers have traditionally held certain values rooted in ecology.

La Cama Azul participates in various well-known trade shows such as Biocultura (Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla), Exposalud (Madrid and Barcelona), Bioterra (Basque Country) and Horec (Madrid).