Insulating cushion


Protect yourself from the negative effect of the electromagnetic field of your computer with the La cama Azul cushion.
Made with 100% natural products.

  • Ideal for office chairs, armchairs, sofas and car seats.
  • Isolates and protects from electromagnetic fields and TV and household appliances.
  • Combat static electricity in vehicles.
  • Improves circulation, reduces muscle lipoatrophy in the legs.
  • It is antistatic, relaxing and anti-stress.
  • Ecological merino wool interior
  • Organic cotton and merino wool exterior.
  • Contains copper wires and ground connection.
  • In vehicle it connects to the cigarette lighter.

  • Delivery in 30 days.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Contact us with any questions you have
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Insulating cushion

The best wool in the world for your rest

100% Natural Materials

Cushion cover made with ecological merino wool and organic cotton. Premium, organic and breathable materials.

Climatic thermo

Its natural properties make it the best known thermoregulatory material. It is also hypoallergenic and does not generate static electricity.

Electromagnetic field protection

Protection and discharge of electromagnetic fields while we are seated, through grounding.

Recommended washing

Wash the wool and cotton cover in cold water, natural soap and a gentle spin cycle for optimum maintenance.


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Insulating cushion