Latex mattress for babies (60x120cm)


The LA CAMA AZUL mattress is made with 100% natural products and is made up of:

  • A block of 100% natural latex with a density of 80 kg/m3.
  • Ergonomic and adaptable with seven different rest areas.
  • Easily remove it.
  • 100% natural cotton inner cover.
  • The raw materials with which the LA CAMA AZUL mattress is made are natural and do not contain elements that are harmful to humans or the environment.

  • Delivery in 30 days.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Contact us with any questions you have
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100% natural latex mattress

Los mejores materiales para el descanso de tu bebé

Filling with organic cotton cover.

Cover with zipper all around the side for independent and comfortable maintenance and washing.

Recommended washing

Wash in cold water and natural soap for optimum maintenance.

Maintenance tips

It is recommended once a year to completely remove the mattress, let it air out for a day and turn it over.


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Latex mattress for babies (60x120cm)